An infotainment channel

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An infotainment channel

Overcome product development challenges. The rate of innovation is unprecedented, with the in-car experience being transformed by next-generation vehicle infotainment. And a variety of technology must be utilized simultaneously and effectively to meet consumer demand.

Our comprehensive solutions bring together a multitude of leading technologies, scale and experience to support the creation of advanced automotive infotainment systems. Integrated automotive infotainment systems Reduce development costs with our integrated system-on-chip SoCsystem in-package SiP and system-on-module SoM solutions.

Robust connectivity Take advantage of multiple car connectivity technologies with multiple wireless and wired interfaces across three dimensions: The cloud, modems and in-vehicle systems.

Premium Bluetooth experience Deliver high-quality Bluetooth services to the connected car. Our Bluetooth solutions for automotive infotainment systems include support for remote key access, individual seat memorization, user-specific volume preferences and voice-activated message delivery.

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We have optimized the performance of our Bluetooth sensors to balance performance and battery life, resulting in automotive infotainment systems with connectivity features that users can rely on.

BLE has a smaller antenna footprint than a traditional UHF system, making it ideal for automotive situations such as tire pressure statistics, which measure tire pressure and securely alert the driver via smartphone or smartwatch when pressure is low.

Dependable Wi-Fi performance Supply concurrent support for in-car, multi-antenna Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart with our wireless chips, adapted for the automotive market. This networking strategy provides the ultimate multi-channel streaming experience, with low-latency content distribution and HD video streaming support for up to eight devices per vehicle.

Our high-performance automotive Wi-Fi solutions can connect up to four mobile devices to stream multimedia content while simultaneously playing high-quality Bluetooth stereo audio.

Discover our automotive infotainment platforms. Snapdragon Automotive Processor As the first commercially announced, automotive-grade processor with an optional integrated X12 LTE modem capable of Cat 12 speeds, the Snapdragon Automotive processor raises the bar for in-car vehicle infotainment experiences and delivers unprecedented mobile connectivity.

Combine that with advanced CPU, GPU, display, video processing, smart auto awareness engines and machine intelligence, and the Snapdragon Automotive processor has all the power and technology needed for next-generation connected car experiences.

View specs Snapdragon A Processor The Snapdragon A automotive-grade processor fuels cutting-edge automotive solutions with wireless communications, location, voice and multimedia processing to bring the experiences found in your favorite mobile devices to your car or truck.

Our unprecedented integration of features like quad-core CPUs, HD video, security, and multi-constellation GNSS, allow us to offer optimal system cost and performance for superior user experiences and future-proofed systems.

Learn more Explore our automotive infotainment development tools. The integrated system approach includes a Snapdragon automotive processor, related chipset elements, and a comprehensive software solution that can help lower development cost, reduce risk and increase development speed.Infotainment (a portmanteau of information and entertainment), also called soft news, is a type of media, usually television, that provides a combination of information and entertainment.

The term is usually used disapprovingly against more serious hard news. Many self-described infotainment websites and social media apps exist, which provide a variety of functions and services.

An infotainment channel

The Beatles Channel will be launching exclusively on May 18 at am ET exclusively on SiriusXM channel The Beatles Channel will showcase all-things-Beatles with regular and special programming spanning the history-making careers of the band and its members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Chevrolet Infotainment System functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.


Vehicle user interface is a product of Apple and its terms and privacy statements apply. Stay connected with real time updates and technology features in a Dodge Journey.

Explore Uconnect, audio system, rear seat entertainment and more. Bryan Wong (Chinese: 王禄江; pinyin: Wáng Lùjiāng, born on 30 January ) is a MediaCorp TV actor and television host. He is also known as one of the Hosting Kings (综艺阿哥) of MediaCorp and frequently co-hosts with Kym Ng.

Watch our Discovery Sport video guides here for more information on how to operate Land Rover's advanced suite of infotainment systems & technologies.

DISCOVERY SPORT - INFOTAINMENT. HOW TO OPERATE VIDEOS FOR DISCOVERY SPORT INFOTAINMENT FEATURES. This tutorial covers the Traffic Message Channel or TMC. The system informs the driver of.

Welcome to the world of SiriusXM satellite radio.