Difference between redirect and re write a sentence

Many simply put them into use and even recommend them to other people without a having a deeper understanding of how they really work. While this is sufficient for most purposes, there are times when a more in depth understanding of these two terms would be beneficial. If you have ever wondered what functions these may have aside from enhancing your SEO and permanently redirecting pages, this is the place to find out! Primary Differences First of all, it is important to note that a rewrite is a server side operation, which simply means that the rewrite is done at the server.

Difference between redirect and re write a sentence

Procedures for Classroom Talk The best way to get a good idea is to get lots of ideas. Chances are very good that there was a lot of talk going on at his Caltech lab as he and his colleagues worked out the problem of electronegativity and its relationship to ionic bonds between atoms.

Talk about academic discourse! Of course, this didn't occur in an unruly or chaotic environment; the learning goals and social rules of conversations were just as important there as in any classroom. As educators, we know that learning is social and that peer interactions help extend understanding.

The idea that peers can scaffold new learning effectively for one another was one of Lev Vygotsky's great contributions to our field. Yet many teachers are reluctant to turn the class over to collaborative learning, for fear that they will lose control and thus lose valuable instructional time.

We don't base this claim on observation alone. A study of the experiences of 1, elementary students across the United States found that they spent 91 percent of their days in either whole-group or independent seatwork, with only 4.

It isn't for lack of teacher knowledge, either, as 90 percent of the teachers held a credential, and 44 percent possessed a master's degree.

Moving into English with Peers As we have stated throughout this book, English language learners need lots of opportunities to apply their growing knowledge in order to learn English and learn in English. Their acquisition of academic language is certainly initiated through the modeling of teachers and reinforced and extended through classroom discourse.

In addition, teachers provide more specific supports during small-group guided instruction. This approach does have its limits, however. For example, Zwiers's study of the practices of middle school teachers found that in too many cases the questions they posed to English language learners differed in complexity concrete versus abstract and the teachers accepted more superficial answers from these students than they did from native speakers in the same class.

Zwiers posited that students who speak English as a first language arrive in school with a higher "academic capital" that allows them to speak a school type of language that is valuedp. Therefore, they are more adept at using the discourse of comparing and contrasting, interpretation, evaluation, and description.

Even in the very best of classrooms, the ones in which teachers ask sophisticated questions of English language learners and provide prompts to guide their students' thinking, learning is stunted without peer interactions.

Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock's analysis of effective instructional strategies identifies cooperative learning with peers as one of nine research-based strategies with a large effect size.

In particular, small-group interactions with peers offer several benefits for English language learners: Repetition of key words and phrases; Functional, context-relevant speech; Rich feedback; and Reduced student anxiety.

difference between redirect and re write a sentence

Some have concerns about management—a fear of the proverbial cocktail party breaking out and an exhausting attempt to restore order—and some labor under the misconception that real learning can occur only under a teacher's direct instruction.

In the following section, we will describe a set of principles for managing academic discourse among peers and specific strategies that foster learning English while learning in English.

Managing Classroom Talk to Enhance Learning.I'm really trying to understand the difference between OpenID and OAuth? Maybe they're two totally separate things? By default mod_rewrite does " Found" redirects, which are temporary. Assuming everything else is equal, Redirect permanent is equivalent to RewriteRule [R=permanent].

Working in the IT field for over 14 years now, this is a great little switch!

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Managing Classroom Talk to Enhance Learning

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Procedures for Classroom Talk