Etica civica essay

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Etica civica essay

Some Metaphilosophical Questions A common feature of Latin American philosophy is that it has raised metaphilosophical questions about its originality and peculiarity see the related entry on Latin American philosophy. In that vein, it is often claimed that philosophy in Mexico is not Etica civica essay same as Mexican philosophy.

Other experts consider that there are certain thematic similarities that underlie philosophy in Mexico, and even some original philosophical concepts that allow us to speak of an authentic tradition of Mexican philosophy.

Others believe that although a Mexican philosophy is not yet a reality, if more work is done to consolidate its tradition and community, in a near future we would be able to speak of a genuine Mexican philosophy. However, not all Mexican philosophers today think that developing a distinctive Mexican philosophy is a worthy task.

Some claim that philosophy in the 21st century has left behind the stage of national philosophies. Roger Bartra has coined the concept of a post-Mexican condition see Bartra and in the same guise we could talk of a post-Mexican philosophy, that is, of a philosophy made in Mexico that has nothing to do with Mexican culture.

I will not consider these metaphilosophical issues here see the related entry on Latin American philosophy: My only concern will be to provide a sketch of the history of Mexican philosophy.

A problem for the study of Mexican philosophy in the United States so far has been the scarcity of translations of its main works. However, a group of scholars are working in new translations that will be available soon see 20th century Mexican philosophy in Other Internet Resources.

It is foreseeable that with the increase of Mexican-American and Latino students in North American universities, the demand for more information about Mexican philosophy will increase in the near future one example of this trend is the Newsletter on Hispanic and Latino issues in Philosophy of the American Philosophical Association.

Pre-Hispanic Philosophy From the early years of the Conquest, it became clear to the Spaniards that pre-Columbian Mexicans had a complex and sophisticated system of beliefs regarding human beings and the universe.

Years later, the discovery of new documents and a deeper knowledge of local languages have enabled us to have a better understanding of how the original inhabitants of Mesoamerica viewed the world. The first historians of Mexican philosophy recognized the richness and sophistication of native cosmology, but they did not consider it philosophy.

Some years later, others authors followed his example studying Mayan texts such as Popol Vuh, which provided a deeper understanding of Classical Mayan cosmology and anthropology. Some people have gone so far as to suggest that to interpret philosophically these pre-Columbian texts that have survived to the present day is an act of over-interpretation.

Others have even questioned the authenticity of historical sources. Tezcoco was a small kingdom and a military ally of the Aztecs. If even gold and jade can splinter, then human beings must accept that their passage on this earth is transitory.

However, that must not be an excuse to feel overwhelmed by sadness: Poetry shall persevere even as flowers wither and die: In the meantime, people must learn patience.

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Our heart and our eyes will never see the gods. Their plans are shrouded in mystery. His thoughts on essence and change, as well as his questions about the meaning of life, are very similar to those of other philosophical traditions.

It seems perfectly reasonable, for example, to compare him to Heraclitus or Parmenides. The relationship between pre-Hispanic thought and Mexican philosophy has become stronger in recent years.

According to Uranga, being nepantla is an ontological condition of existence that not only captures the nature of Mexican being, but also, ultimately, the condition of all humans.

The concept of nepantla has since been used in an original and creative way by many authors from Mexico as well as from the United States, to describe various aspects of our existence e. Other authors have contributed to a recovery of categories coined by the survivors of the indigenous peoples and have made proposals to create a non-western philosophy that can offer alternative answers to our questions.

In the political thought of the members of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation EZLN it is also possible to find a contemporary development of key concepts of the native population.

On the basis of a wide selection of sources, old and new, Maffie has offered a reconstruction of Aztec philosophy using categories and concepts that belong to western metaphysics but that attempt to explain in a new vein the originality of Nahuatl thinking.

The Philosophy of the Conquest and Renaissance Humanism The Conquest of America and, in particular, of the Aztec Empire, was an event with global repercussions that immediately awoke in philosophers and theologians a need for reflection.Pablo Remondino, Blas Pascal, Etica Department, Department Member.

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Etica civica essay

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Etica civica essay

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