Gang leader for a day thesis statement

Girls in the Hood, by ABC, informs that the notion of only males in gangs is false; that there are strong female leaders that are much involved in the gang as much as males. Sudhir Vankatesh is a brave sociologist who wanted to live the life of the very thing he studied.

Gang leader for a day thesis statement

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Most simply, hustling means whatever one does to survive in the projects. This can involve overt criminal activity, like prostitution or theft; grayer-area criminal activity, like the reselling of goods of questionable origin; or non-criminal odd jobs, like the repair or cleaning of old cars or electronics.

Various characters tell Sudhir that they make their way through hustling: Against this backdrop, however, many people in the projects remind Sudhir that he, too, has a hustle.

Sudhir wants to make his way as an academic sociologist studying the economy and life of the Chicago projects. To do this, he sometimes has to protect his own interests in the face of other, competing interests. For example, Sudhir shares off-the-books job information with Ms.

Gang leader for a day thesis statement

Bailey and JT, only to realize that the two use this information to ask for more protection money from project residents. In some cases, Sudhir must choose whether to prioritize his own research and career, or the stability and wellbeing of those around him.

Sudhir genuinely wants to help families in Robert Taylor, but he also wants to make his dissertation better, and to further his academic career. Bailey and JT really do want to help the community — but they also enrich themselves in the process.

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When Sudhir sees the positive and negative effects of his own hustles, he is more inclined, by the end of the book, to understand JT and Ms. How often theme appears:Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

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Gang leader for a day thesis statement

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