Housing regeneration and renewal essay

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Housing regeneration and renewal essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The major issues that are related to the term includes, social, economic and geographical issues. Some of the issues that may be addressed under urban policy are, housing and neighborhood issues, health, education, employment policy, crime, income generation, transport, urban infrastructure and transport.

Urban policy is mainly concerned with the regeneration and renewal of disadvantaged neighborhood thus improving the quality of life of the residence of those areas. Urban renewal exercise is very controversial and it generally involves the destruction of businesses, people are relocated and there is the use of eminent domain generally known as compulsory purchase, which is normally used as a legal tool to claim back private property for projects that have been initiated by the city.

Urban renewal is justified by renewing residential slums, blighted industrial areas and commercials. Actual revitalization is normally affected by urban renewal and this has been a subject to very intense debate. Proponents actually see it as an economical engine, and the opponents define it as a regressive mechanism of adding more wealth to the rich without minding the taxpayer and the poor.

This has made a good number of cities to link the gentrification of residential neighborhood and revitalization of the central businesses to the earlier urban renewal programs. For some time, urban renovation evolved into a policy based more on renovation and less on destruction with much more emphasis on investment.

Currently, urban renewal has become an important part of so many local government which is normally combined with big and small business incentives.

Regardless of the current adopted form, the urban renewal projects are still being widely accused of corruption and abuse. For some, there is a controversy due to faith communities participating in multi-agency partnerships and government initiatives.

They argue that in Britain, the many of deprived areas the key element in the self-identity of local residents is religion.

To add on that their long-term residence usually gives them a depth of local experience that is rarely matched by that of regeneration professionals. Great emphasis was placed on the voice of people at local levels like in churches for Christians, in mosques for Muslims and in temples for Hindus.

Even the professionals in the voluntary sectors and government agencies discussed the views they had on engaging faith communities in the regeneration activities.

This was a good idea since the religious faith leaders became a source of motivation and they gave a direction for community activities for the urban renewal and regeneration.

In many parts of Europe, the major problem is lack of enough housing which leads to overcrowding and homelessness. This statement may sound vague since most of the European countries has many houses as compared to households but the shortage comes as a result of many factors which includes; many properties that are unfit for people to live in, housing in the wrong place, second homes and the need to have a surplus that is vacant to enable people to move houses.

When all that is subtracted, the result is a net shortage.

The Olympics and Social Cleansing

The results of having few houses is that, some people are left out without a shelter which is caused by the way the housing operates in the market.

The people who are mostly left out are those with few resources since they cannot afford accommodation and are forced to live in unfit shelter.

Homelessness is a major problem with the homeless people facing different problems, but the causes of homelessness can be divided into four main categories which are, shortage of housing, entitlement to land, entitlement to housing and the personal situation of the homeless people.

When there are no adequate places for people to live in, some people will be forced to go without, the poorest people are mainly the disadvantaged ones since housing is normally allocated by the market.

In some cases, people squats instead of being homeless, squatters first builds temporary houses and later squatter settlement schemes are built where they get more established housing.

In developed countries, it is not easy to get free land for squatters thus resettling them becomes a problem. Some people may not be entitled to own or even use the available housing, they may be homeless even when there is no shortage of housing.The aim of the urban renewal programme is; to create sustainable structures of economic regeneration, to encourage business development and diversification, and to find solutions to serious social problems caused by the crisis situations that are common in many depressed urban areas.

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JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. The Impacts of Urban Renewal: The Residents’ Experiences in Qianmen, Beijing, China by Yongxia Kou A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the.

Housing regeneration and renewal essay

News, Issues & Information (9/21/18) Narrative Gone Wrong: 3 Myths that Reveal the Inaccurate Story About America's Family Forests is a just-released, hard-hitting critique of the U.S. Forest Service's misleading use of information gathered to describe and understand owners of forestland in the U.S.

Source: Forest Landowners Association.

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