Instagram writing apps for android

By Nels Dzyre in Mobile. Updated on November 19, But just like many apps, it has its quirks and little annoyances that make you wish there was a better alternative out there somewhere. In this post, we are going to help you get the most out of Instagram with the use of Android apps that can help patch up the holes in the Instagram ecosystem.

Instagram writing apps for android

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Instagram is even better with these 7 apps by Joe White July 6, Instagramthe social network for photography which was acquired by Facebook back in Aprilhas a fairly decent iOS app.

Instagram also received a Vine-inspired video update in Juneand even though Instagram Video is no match for the Twitter-owned Vinethe feature nevertheless pleased users of the instagram writing apps for android.

Despite all of this, however, a growing number of third-party apps for Instagram are available on the App Store. In short, these third-party applications can make the Instagram experience even better.

instagram writing apps for android

But which apps are our favorites? Which should you download on your iOS device? Read on for our handpicked selection of the seven best Instagram apps right now. Moreover, it comes from none other than Instagram itself.

Called Layoutthe free app allows iOS device owners to stylistically combine multiple photographs into one single image, before sharing that image to Instagram.

Using the app is simple enough: You can combine up to nine different photos using Layout, and the application also smartly allows users to quickly tag their Instagram friends into an image, too.

There are times when I shoot a handful of pictures showing the different stages of an event, or even the same subject but from multiple angles.

As such, rather than sharing all of my photographs to Instagram, Layout allows me to combine them and send them off without sacrificing the original quality or design of the shoot. Hyperlapse from Instagram Another must-have Instagram app is Hyperlapsean application which, like Layout, also comes from Instagram itself.

Time lapse videos, which combine large numbers of still images taken over a period of time, are great for depicting changing scenes like sunrise or sunset, cloud patterns, or even some botanical occurrence like the opening of a flower.

Hyperlapse makes this fairly complex photographic process quick and simple on iOS, and the results of what the application can achieve are pretty breathtaking.

Overall, Hyperlapse is definitely worth the download: Retro for iPad For reasons far beyond our understanding, Instagram or, rather, Facebook has yet to develop a universal release of its iOS application.

Usefully, however, third-party Instagram apps for iPad are indeed available, and one of the best currently on the App Store is called Retro. It supports multiple viewing modes, it embeds comments alongside your Instagram stream, it features support for iOS notifications, and a discovery pane allows users to seek out some of the best new images on the platform.

Retro for iPad is available free of charge on the App Store. You can manage everything from your mobile device, although a Latergramme Web app is also available for folks to use.

Afterlight Instagram might have a comprehensive and growing number of built-in filters for your iPhone-captured images, but Afterlight is hands-down king of the App Store photo filter applications. There are, in total, a whopping 74 filters, and these allow iPhone and iPad owners to apply a range of different effects and styles to their photographs.

I love how easy Afterlight is to use: For anyone searching for an easy yet comprehensive Instagram-style image editor, look no further. The aforementioned Afterlight might be a simple and great photo-editor, but for more powerful edits, Pixelmator is the iOS app you should choose.

It allows iOS device owners to edit, sketch and paint, and create complex images with multiple layers on their smartphone or tablet. For Instagram users, Pixelmator indeed provides a truly complex photo-editing solution for iOS, which will allow folks to make precise edits to their captured images before posting them to the social network.

Pixelmator for iOS is the perfect app for anyone more serious about precisely editing aspects of their photos. Quick Our last must-have Instagram app is Quick: It does this in a way that feels and looks minimalistic, but well-designed at the same time.

There are also a range of free, default fonts which would suit a number of different scenarios and photographs. Quick allows iOS device users to do this not only in a speedy manner, but also in a way that adds to the overall effect of the picture itself.

You can download Quick on the App Store now.Dec 22,  · I feel like there are not enough videos for Android apps out there. I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I teamed up with Motorola to bring you my secret Instagram editing techniques.

Instagram's iOS app is decent enough, but there are a handful of shortcomings. Fortunately for iPhoneographers, the App Store is here to help. Oct 04,  · You can also plug in your Instagram account to any other of your favorite social networks like: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Foursquare simply by tapping on the social share button.

Obviously for many users, Instagram will always be a simple photo sharing app at heart/5().


Aug 15,  · Then you can open Instagram App and paste it any where you want. Features - Pimp your Instagram Bio and comments - Write better Facebook status messages or moments, get more likes, fans or retweets - Customize PROFILE of Whatsapp or LINE with cute fonts - Send Textizer-Texts From Gmail or Free SMS.

Cool Fonts for Instagram Bio 4/5(K). Nov 30,  · Within 12 hours of launch, the chic photo-editing app was #1 in the iTunes App Store.

The app, which skews strongly on the girly side, is a clear representation of the whimsical blog. Nov 21,  · * Message your friends privately in Direct. Send them photos and videos that disappear and share content you see on Instagram.

* Watch stories and live videos from the people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed. * Discover photos, videos and stories you might like and follow new accounts on the Explore tab/5(M).

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