The discovery of the body

The discovery was made by chance, during a restoration project, and stunned the construction workers who found it. There have been very few sphinxes discovered in modern times and the find will add to our knowledge of Egyptian sculpture and art.

The discovery of the body

Membership Renewal Explore over Interactive Exhibits! Would you like to soar through the sky in a jet, then explore the universe? Would you like to forecast the weather in a television studio? Or show off your coordination and dance moves on a fitness floor? How about using your own body to generate electricity?

You can even go outside to our Rock River Discovery Park and navigate the two-story maze, search for dinosaur fossils and make a splash in the water play area.

When you visit Discovery Center Museum, you and your family can explore the world, and even the universe, without ever leaving our inspiring environment. The thrill of exploration and discovery is built into every one of our plus hands-on science and arts exhibits located inside Discovery Center Museum and outside in our Rock River Discovery Park.

Body Shop The Body Shop gallery underwent a major transformation in with the addition of many new exhibits! From head to toe, there are a million places to explore on the human body.

Test your speed, agility, reaction time and heart rate as you race against an opponent to touch as many buttons as you can in Heart Race. After the game, check your heart rate at the monitor.

Elevate your heart in a fun way and understand how physical exercise is a key component in overall health with Heart Rate Arena! The Fitness Floor will get you moving. It senses and responds to your every move in an unpredictable and fun way!

Our Healthy Choices interactive computer lets you follow an animated family and make choices about nutrition and activity. You may discover that small daily changes will improve your life!

Keeping it steady is the key to mastering Balance. Balance is the foundation of all movement, but people rarely pay attention to the complex dynamics of standing still.

This fun challenge illuminates the intricate workings of balance by testing static and dynamic balance, core stability and coordination. Stand on a platform that tips side-to-side and grip a set of handlebars until you are balanced.

Then let go and electronic sensors measure the time you can stay balanced without tipping to one side. In addition to these new exhibits, Discovery Center has improved some visitor favorites in the gallery including Flexibility, Jump Reach, Hang 10 and the Genetics area.

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Free shipping on selected items. The body was left in the trunk and the vehicle was towed to a crime lab for analysis in a controlled setting. Ownership of the vehicle was being tracked Thursday afternoon, Techmeyer said. Survey reveals significant increases in mind and body approaches.

Influenza. NIH is the nation’s medical research agency, supporting scientific studies that turn discovery into health. The NIH Director.

Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., provides leadership for the . The dramatic scene was captured on his body cameras, and is featured in the premiere episode of the new Investigation Discovery series Body Cam. A San Jacinto man was arrested on suspicion of murder after firefighters found a body in a burned vehicle in Perris and Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies connected that incident to an assault.

The discovery of the body

Emergency 24/7 Never A Dull Day. Watch the doctors of St. Vincent's attempt to treat with a motorcycle crash victim.

Did scientists really just discover a new organ in the human body?