The effect of branding on consumer

Marketing Many people think of marketing as offering and advertising, and no wonder everyday we could bombarded with tv set commercials, direct email offers, sales phone calls and internet pitches.

The effect of branding on consumer


Under a Creative Commons license Abstract The paper deals with the results of the primary research which purpose was to examine the impact of brand on influencing consumers to purchase a product.

The goal of the paper is to stress the fact that the brand has an impact on customer decision-making process. Original primary data within the primary research were collected by using a quantitative method of questionnaire.

Into the quantitative research was involved selected group of 1, respondents. Partial results of the complex research conducted between and are subject to the content of the paper. Primary research was conducted continuously during the period of six months in in Slovakia.

An established questionnaire was pilot tested and revised before it was used. As the statistical method was used chi-square test. Based on above stated subject area of research have been formulated two hypotheses focused on relationship between the age of respondents and purchasing branded products and between the age of respondents and brand preference.

We have found that purchasing of branded products and preference of brand origin depends on the age of consumers. Previous article in issue.Brands sway consumer behavior by clicking with consumers’ self-image.

Advertisements depict lifestyles and levels of happiness that consumers want to experience, and those serve as symbols of what marketers want their brands to represent. The ultimate effect of a brand on consumer behavior is.

In our opinion, brand is a factor that has got an impact on consumer purchase preferences and therefore we decided to investigate the impact of brand on consumer behavior in connection with the age category of consumers.

The effect of branding on consumer

The research will attempt to find whether there is positive relation between the positive effect of the brand and the consumer purchase decision. The paper discusses the literature the importance of branding and the consumer purchase decision.

The Australian study also indicated that the awareness effect is mediated by cost, so increasing brand awareness cannot necessarily be followed by an increase in the price of your product or.

The effect of branding on consumer

Brand image is the key driver of brand equity, which refers to consumer’s general perception and feeling about a brand and has an influence on consumer behavior. For marketers, whatever their companies’ marketing strate-. There are met, and brand equity plays a cue in turkmenistan ejbe , brand on consumer buying behavior, Finally, chen j consumer choice original research studies the purchase decisions of branding on consumer buying behavior.

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