Vandalism and public rest rooms

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Vandalism and public rest rooms

Vandalism is a growing nationalproblem.

Vandalism and public rest rooms

Last year this senseless crime cost United States Citizens over one billion dollars. Vandalism is a problem that gets to everyone in some form or another.

Over one half of all the crimes associated with vandalism occurs in high schools. There is notypical vandal. The largest age group arrested for vandalism is between 13 and However, childrenas young six and seven vandalize schools and park areas.

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Teenagers with growing-upproblems act destructively by destroying vehicles, spray-painting graffiti on public places,etc. Older youths often commit more serious acts such as damaging vehicles or machinery,burglary, arson or theft. Although most vandals do not have a clear motive for theiracts, studies show that basic social problems and attitudes are at the root of thevandalism.

Also, facilities, such as parks and public rest rooms which everyonein the community uses, become vandalized. Vandalism affects your pocketbooktoo. People pay their taxes for a reason, to build a better community for thefuture generation.

Vandalism is still and will always be a growing problem unless we do somethingabout it. Nevertheless, some of thedefinitions have common elements, such as: Most of the definitionshighlight intentionality, destructiveness, and property ownership.

This form of destructivebehavior is thus motivated not by profit but by other factors. Research on vandalism is divided into two categories.

Some studies look at vandalism from thepoint of view of the individual who commits it: This perspective is derived mainlyfrom epidemiological studies.

Other studies look at vandalism in a broader social context. Research on vandalism as a social phenomenon began in the s with ecological studies by theChicago School.

Vandalism was explained as a malaise of modern society that is characterizedby alienation and meaninglessness.


Zimbardo used the term deindividuation to describe asituation in which individuals lose their uniqueness. Eriksonlooked at modern society from the point of view of adolescents who experience social mores andvalues inconsistently and therefore become involved in nonnormative b ehavior.

According to Casserly, Bass, and Garrettthe social explanations of vandalism until thes were too amorphous and unfocused; consequently, their explanatory power was limited.


Anew line of explanations began to look at specific institutions, one of them being school. Pioneering research on school violence and school vandalism—the Safe School Study—wasconducted in the mids U.

Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Thestudy, carried out in approximately 25, schools throughout the United States, examinedobjective parameters as well as subjective ones i.Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more. See world news photos and videos at Vandalism affects your pocketbook community and pocketbook.

Vandalism is a growing national problem. facilities such as parks and public rest rooms which everyone in the community uses. the people are the ones who have to pay for someone else’s damage. A properly designed public toilet facility improves the experience of both those who operate the facilities and those who use them.

Proper design reduces queuing, misuse, and lowers initial and recurring cost. Police, fire and emergency services are affected by increased workloads and false alarms. Also, facilities, such as parks and public rest rooms which everyone in the community uses, become vandalized.

Rest assured that public restrooms will be littered with organic decor, but if they occasionally get cleaned there are other defining characteristics.

For example, unless you're in somewhere fancy, the restroom has a 99% chance of being a lifeless, white or off-white room.

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