Writing comments for report cards

Writing Report Card Comments Julie Dermody Finding just the right words to write on report cards is an important but not easy task. Some teachers mostly middle and high school use computerized comments, so this may not be a dilemma for everyone. But for the majority of elementary teachers, the challenge of writing concise, personal, and informative comments is one that creates insecurity. Describing what and how individual students are learning is every teacher's job, but there are often very few resources available to help new teachers with this essential task.

Writing comments for report cards

February 3, Tips for Writing Constructive Report Card Comments I have a feeling that the next several weeks are going FLY by between the state standardized tests looming on the horizon, Presidents Day, not to mention the school closings we've had for cold days I'm going to blink and suddenly report cards will be right around the corner!

I don't know about you, but I've always felt like the comments I write on my report cards are so much more important than the grades themselves. I mean come on, it's third and fourth grade. So much of my teaching and assessment comes from things that never get graded, like guided reading anecdotal notes and observations during math guided groups.

I feel like what I write about my students in the comments section gives parents far more valuable information about students' progress and goals. Here are some rules of thumb I use when writing my comments: Write comments up in a table in Word before copying and pasting into report cards.

I typically make a table with three columns, one for each trimester, so I can compare the comments side-by-side throughout the year. Not only does this help me focus on students' progress rather than where they are at that particular moment, but it helps make sure I don't repeat myself too much--come on, we've all been there.

Plus, it makes it way easier to spell check and proofread! In the past, I did one big comment for each student covering everything. Now, we're required to do a separate comment for each subject area.

A little more complicated, but it works. Of course, this only works if you HAVE discussed the concern with paretns already--sooo be sure to do that! There should be no surprises on the report card. Speaking of no surprises, if a student is not doing so well grade wise, save yourself a lot of headache by calling or emailing parents in advance.

It's always so much easier to have those conversations in person or on the phone--report card grades leave so much room for interpretation without a personal explanation. Better head that off in advance. Give concrete information in comments.

We are working on reading with expression, using context clues to determine the meaning of tricky words, and making thoughtful inferences about the text. Focus on the positive. This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you need to write a comment about a negative behavior a student is working on, it's all in the wording!

Not much of a picture-worthy post.An assortment of report card comments and phrases focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.


Report Card Comments for Math Suggested math report card comments and phrases to assist you at the end of every quarter. Faria International School — Sample PYP Report Page 2 of 5. Programme of Inquiry Written language - writing 6 O Comments: Henry continues to do well in our language arts coursework!

He is an avid reader, although at time his attention can Faria International School — Sample PYP Report . REPORT CARD COMMENTS Excused from writing last exam due to extended work experience 3.

This is an enriched course in French 4. Assumes leadership Medically excused for Progress Report period. 2. Insufficient attendance due to medical reasons; will evaluate at a later date.

An assortment of report card comments and phrases focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Appropriate for all grade levels, the comments and phrases can be edited or modified to suit every student in your class.

Writing comments for report cards

Sample Report Card Comment #1: Belonging and Contributing Moira 1. communicate with others in a variety of ways, for a variety of purposes, and experiment with writing) and to adapt to new situations (e.g., having visitors in the classroom, having a different.

Decode Your Child's Report Cards. the teacher would likely give a 2 and talk about the child's effort in the comments. That's why all report cards come with comments—and are often timed to coincide with parent-teacher conferences once or twice a year.

If your child melts down once or twice because she got overly engrossed in writing a.

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